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עדויות - Witness - פרק 24 - Birth in Nepal

פרק 24 - Birth in Nepal

Nepal has some of the worst maternal death statistics in the world, with some six women dying in childbirth every day. Subina Shrestha, a Nepalese filmmaker who is herself five months pregnant, sets out to find out why so many mothers are dying in childbirth.

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פרק 24 - Birth in Nepal
Nepal has some of the worst maternal death statistics in the world, with some six women dying in childbirth every day. Subina Shrestha, a Nepalese filmmaker who is herself five months pregnant, sets out to find out why so many mothers are dying in childbirth.
פרק 23 - A Fighting Chance
Twenty years ago Bosnian Nermin Sabanavic was an Olympic contender and champion boxer. But then came the war, and he was forced to seek a new life elsewhere, eventually finding refuge in Australia. He joined the police force and began a new career working in deprived aboriginal communities. Now he is going back to the ring, but his age is as great a challenge as his boxing opponents.
פרק 22 - Supermen of Malegaon
Far away from the glamorous film world of Mumbai, there are many enthusiasts making films on a fraction of Bollywood's budgets. A film enthusiast in India's Malegaon decided that it was time for some Indian parody so he bought a video camera and set out to make a film, Superman of Malegaon
פרק 21 - From Zero: Ask the Dust
What happens in disaster areas the day after international media attention is gone? From Zero is an internet documentary series that follows the everyday life inside one emergency tent camp in Abruzzo, Italy.
פרק 20 - From Zero: Next Moves
After an earthquake hit the mountain region of Abruzzo in Central Italy, emergency tent camps were quickly set up to provide temporary shelter for the 60,000 inhabitants who have been left without homes, waiting for reconstruction. How are they coping one year on? And how are they adapting to their new lives?
פרק 18 - Recruitment Day
In Thailand every April, all young men must report to the nearest army recruitment centre for an extraordinary lottery system that determines whether they serve in the military or not. For those living in the south, who are Malay and Muslim, Thailands military is seen as an occupation force - but they too have to join if they are picked. Filmmaker Orlando de Guzman travels to the remote southern village of Dato, in the Pattani Province, to bring us the story of two young village men as they face their own nail-biting recruitment day.
פרק 17 - Birds of Paradise
Colombia is second only to Sudan in terms of its number of internally displaced people, with between two and four million internal refugees caught in the country's political riptides and often left to languish in slums and shanty towns. But in Cali, Colombia's third largest city, one group of women is forging a new path. The women are striving not only to fend for themselves, but to move beyond core survival and to express their new reality through their performance the theatre group 'Birds of Paradise'.
פרק 16 - Miss Landmine
Miss Landmine is a challenge to normal concepts of beauty. It is a beauty pageant held in Angola, a country ravaged by war and its aftermath, for women who have lost limbs from landmines.
פרק 15 - A Nurse's Tale
In Ghana, Lydia Kwashie is a highly trained midwife, but with a family of eight to support, she can barely make ends meet. The 48 year old mother left behind family and friends in Ghana to seek work as a nurse in the UK. Witness joins Lydia on her first trip back home to Ghana to share the conflicting emotions of pride, joy, guilt and hope.
פרק 14 - Stella Rotaru: Fighting Global Sex Trade
The film shows how and why women are induced or forced into being trafficked, and how Stella Rotaru fights global sex trade, works to repatriate the women and helps them escape from their desperate plight
פרק 13 - Leaving al-Tanf
When hundreds of Palestinians fleeing Iraq arrived at the Tanf crossing on the Syrian border in May 2006, no country in the region would accept them. Returning to Iraq was not an option, so the United Nations set up a tent camp in the border 'no-man's land' as a temporary solution. Now, after years of living in the grim conditions, the refugees are at last able to move on. Gradually, UNHCR managed to negotiate the relocation of 1000 Palestinians from Iraq to a handful of European countries. Finally in late 2009 a small number of residents were given permission to settle in Italy.
פרק 12 - Rice Girls
After the war, young girls were hired as seasonal workers in the rice paddies of the Piedmont region. Riso Amaro, a masterpiece of Italian neo-realistic cinema brought their story to the world. Fifty years later a young filmmaker takes the girls back to the same fields on a trip down memory lane and to highlight the enormous changes that have taken place in modern day Italy.
פרק 11 - Legacy
Legacy tells the inspiring story of how members of one African-American family manage to break free of social welfare, change their lives and escape the increasing violence in their community.
פרק 10 - The Iraqi Candidate
Abdulrahman Dheyab, an Iraqi living in London, returns to stand in the 2010 elections, finds politics in Iraq is not just dirty, but dangerous.
פרק 8 - Chechen Fighters
The war in Chechnya might officially be over, but rebels are still prepared to die for their beliefs.
פרק 7 - Mother Courage/Encounter Point - 21st February 2010
A fresh perspective from those who know best: mothers. These Israeli women risk their lives monitoring life at the checkpoints in the West Bank. We see them learn to get to grips with their core beliefs, true motivations and fears, in a bold insight into the troubled Middle East.
פרק 6 - Queen of the jungle
How one woman fights tribal tradition and the encroachment of the State on her tribe's lands in Peru.
פרק 5 - Hair India
For centuries, Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair in a ritual of purification. Hair India follows the journey of human hair from the holy temples of Southern India to the production lines of Europe and on to high class beauty salons around the world. Many of these hair extensions find their way back to India, to the high society and bustling urban metropolis Mumbai.
פרק 4 - Schoolgirl's Odyssey
This moving film follows Malala, a Pakistani schoolgirl and her father as the deteriorating security situation forces them to leave their home in the Swat Valley. But what is even worse for the family is that, due to the Taliban restrictions on education for girls, Malala is stripped of her education and her father loses his livelihood he runs a well-respected girls' school.
פרק 3 - Slum Survivors
An unsentimental introduction to some of the remarkable women and men who struggle to survive against desperate odds in Africa's largest slum.
פרק 2 - Silences
A filmmaker's journey to understand his mother and her refusal to discuss the circumstances of his birth. A look at the challenging problems every parent faces in raising a child and every child faces in coming to terms with the choices, for better or for worse, that a parent makes.
פרק 1 - Salam Father
One Iraqi's quest to find why his father was found in a mass grave in Iraq 26 years after he mysteriously disappeared, re-unites him with his family and his birthplace.

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