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ממלכת הפרא

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ממלכת הפרא   - Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

תוכנית טבע חלוצית אשר סללה את הדרך לפורמט המודרני של סרטי טבע.

הסדרה לוקחת אותנו לכל פינות העולם וחוקרת אספקטים שונים בחיי הטבע. התוכנית שודרה בשנות ה-60 עד שנות ה-80 לערך.

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Trails of Saguaro Springs
Life exists in Arizona's seemingly barren Sonora Desert.
Winter Comes to Cougar Country
We follow several cougar yearlings striving to survive the harsh winter in the mountains and escaping the principle predators of this high country.
Rulers of the Kalahari
The Kalahari is a stark, barren desert of blowing sand and scattered brush. In this parched land live three great hunters: cheetah, lion and the primitive African Bushman, who makes the burning Kalahari his home.
Wildlife Part II
After days of steady winds, the wildfire has spread. Now Marlin and Stan trade their passive role of observation and attempt to save threatened animals.
Wildfire Part I
A forest fire raging out of control greets Marlin and Stan as they fly with the Forest Service?s smoke jumpers in western Montana. They study the behavior of wildlife fleeing the inferno.
Summer of the Badger
Set in the scenic country of the American west, this story follows two badger cubs from their birth in a prairie den.
Land of the Condor
High over the mountains of Peru spirals a giant of the skies: the Andean condor. Jim and Marlin join an expedition to catch the giant birds and attach tracking gear on them.
Return of the Salmon
In the chill, glacier-fed streams of Alaska sockeye salmon are born, and follow the current to the sea. After two or three great annual circuits of the North Pacific, the call comes to return.
Year of the Otter
In a small Wisconsin lake, two otters are born. We follow the appealing animals through the first year of their lives.
Sea Lion Number Seven
Far out in the Pacific Ocean lies a tiny island. Once every year, these barren rocks explode with life as Steller sea lions come ashore by the thousands to breed and give birth to their young. Marlin sails to the island to join a team of scientists to observe and take part in a tagging project.
Lost World of Angel Falls
Marlin and Stan fly into the remote interior of Venezuela to a jutting plateau whose sheer cliff echoes the perpetual thunder of Angel Falls. It is a region so remote that it has often been called the Lost World.
Leopards of Sawai Madipur
Rajastan India lies in an ancient, deserted castle. This is the story of a family of leopards who now occupy this castle.
Strange Partnership
Throughout the wild kingdom there are many examples of animal cooperation, and one of the most remarkable takes place in a picturesque little valley in southern Utah ? home for families of badgers, bobcats, coyotes and golden eagles.
El Tigre
In the hostile mountains and deserts of Mexico roams one of the world's most beautiful and dangerous cats'El Tigre the jaguar. Marlin and Jim track this predator through miles of inhospitable terrain.
Chincoteaque Roundup
There's a legend that during the 16th century, Spanish ponies from a sinking galleon swam ashore to the island of Assateague, Virginia. Today, once a year, men from neighboring Chincoteague Island gather for one of the most unusual roundups.
Lions of Gir Forest
Marlin travels to Gir Forest in India in search of the king of beasts, the lion.
The Okavango, a vast area of swamp and sand is a haven for many animals of Africa. Marlin and Jim explore this luxuriant oasis that's alive with animal activity.
Land of the Shadows
Deep in the forest of South America Marlin and Jim journey through this twilight world to observe the many strange and beautiful creatures that inhabit this primitive forest.
Mysteries of the Wild
Many mysteries of the wild present a challenge to seek the answer. In this episode Jim Fowler brings to the viewer some of the most memorable scenes ever captured on film.
Bobcat Kingdom
Marlin and Jim observe a family of bobcats in the Zion Canyon area in the Utah wilderness.
Animals That Time Forgot
In remote corners of the wild kingdom remaining untouched by forces of change there also remain animals that span the bridge of time back into prehistoric eras like the Komodo Dragons off the coast of Java; marsupials that are rare and birds that appear as if they just flew out of the still streaming marshlands of the Mesozoic era.
Against the Clock
Man loves speed and this episode answers some of the most pertinent inquiries as to what animals hold the records.
Strange But True
Odd creatures, strange ways and hard-to-believe wonders of the wild kingdom.
Monkey Shines
Marlin and Jim rate the I.Q.'s of the gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon, orangutan, gibbon and ring-tailed monkey.
Miracle of Flight
An analysis of the "miracle of flight" from the soaring condors of the Andes to the backward-flying fairy terns of Midway.
Exploring the Reef
A journey to the coral reefs off Bimini to take a deep-sea look at the myriad of underwater inhabitants that flourish in these warm blue waters ? and the deadly shark.
Sonar of the Wild
Marlin and Jim perform experiments in a bat cave to reveal how bats maneuver in the dark without colliding. They demonstrate how the intelligent porpoise utilize inaudible signals to find their way about.
Strange Ways of the Wild
Marlin and Jim set out to separate the truth from the myths and unfold many strange but true tales from the wild kingdom.
Attack and Defense
Close-up look at the aggressive and defensive postures assumed by all animals in their natural habitat.
Myths and Superstitions
Marlin debunks many of the baseless belief about living creatures from the fish to the gorilla with his firsthand knowledge

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